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We are now launching a referral program! What does this mean for YOU?

  • Refer a new Coach/School or Organization, and you will receive $10 off of your music!
  • The more referrals you send, the less that you pay for your competitive music!
  • There are no limits on the amount of referrals! (eg... If you send 5 new paying customers, that is $50 off of YOUR order!)
  • MAKE SURE that your NAME is mentioned when they order.

 Referral Discount Policy

  • The referred customer/organization counts as 1. You get credit on the paying customer, not the number of teams from "one" paying customer or organization. The referred customer must be a new customer.
  • Your referral credit will be added when the referred customer has completed their payment (not when they order).
  • The date of expiration of your referred discount is 365 days from the very first paying referral.
  • These credits CAN NOT be transferred to another person.
  • These credits will be applied to any current discounts that are currently offered when you place your order!



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